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The Ensemble / All Together podcast series is corporate content produced by CBC & Radio-Canada Media Solutions, Revenue Group.

corporate podcast from CBC & Radio-Canada Media Solutions

Episode 03

Leaving a legacy: empowering the next generation of Black leaders

In this episode, we engage in a conversation with guests who have committed their careers to uplifting the Black community and championing Black excellence. Explore their inspiring vision for the Legacy Awards and the Black Academy, platforms dedicated to creating opportunities for Black individuals to showcase their stories and culture. Join us as we delve into empowering strategies for the youth, and motivating them to pursue their career aspirations while breaking free from conventional norms.

Veronica Van Cooten

Episode host Veronica Van Cooten

Originally from Guyana, Veronica arrived in Canada at the age of 2. With more than two decades of experience in the media industry, she has held various key roles, including Senior Manager, Digital Growth Initiatives, at CBC/Radio-Canada. Veronica is deeply dedicated to the ongoing digital transformation within the field. Her career highlights include her involvement in pioneering and innovative projects. In her free time, she cherishes moments spent with her family and continues to expand her travel bucket list.

Tse Daniel

Guest Tse Daniel

Born and raised in Toronto, Tse has worked in winter sports, music and community non-profits, and completed programs at Seneca and Centennial College. This background has given Tse a strong foundation and vast knowledge to run and operate his Photography & Production studio.

With a decade of experience in community programming, Tse Daniel has cemented his space in the music, film, and entertainment industry with big ideas and even bigger executions. As part of The Black Academy's team, Tse has shifted his focus to supporting the Black film industry. By leveraging his experience, Tse is creating educational initiatives, networking opportunities, business and talent development, mentorship programs and leading community outreach that will provide opportunities for his community within the Canadian and US entertainment industry.

As the Director of Development for Bay Mills Studios, Tse plans to continue to source, create, package, and pitch diverse stories for production in various formats. Tse will drive the studio's vision to tell unique Black stories while being committed to furthering the art of meaningful commercial storytelling.

Fun fact: Tse has visited over 40 Countries and is prone to random travel adventures. (Great Wall of China, anyone?) Contrary to popular belief, his FIRST name is Tse ('y), not Daniel!

Morgan Blades

Guest Morgan Blades

A native of Pickering, Ontario, Morgan has worked in the travel industry, entertainment and sports, and graduated from Durham College with an Advanced Diploma in Public Relations. This background in public relations has provided her with a strong foundation for her work in brand management and event planning, as well as her focus on social media strategy.

Morgan Blades is the current Director of Programming at The Black Academy, where she is responsible for overseeing the planning and execution of various programs and events. Before joining The Black Academy, in 2020 Morgan launched her management agency The Blades Group where she works as a brand manager providing creative direction, brand and event management.

Through her work at The Black Academy, Morgan's goal is to make a positive impact on the Black community by creating opportunities for Black people to tell their own stories and celebrate their culture. She is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of her work and is passionate about empowering Black individuals and communities through education and advocacy.

About this series

The Ensemble / All Together podcast series aims to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive media landscape through genuine conversations among industry professionals. The collected stories seek to promote change, greater representation and equity of opportunity within our industry.

This platform and its content are part of CBC/Radio-Canada's strong commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), as a public broadcaster and Canadian employer. These initiatives are intended to be catalysts for change, creating spaces for learning, innovation and bold conversations.

To find out more about these actions, please consult our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2022-2025.


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