CBC.ca is Canada's most popular online source of information, showcasing all of the content produced by the CBC—whether for internet, radio or television.

News is updated in real-time and accessed by region, with local channels available across the nation. Each section of the website offers distinctive multimedia content. Internet users can also watch clips from their favourite shows or listen to the radio, both live streaming and in playback mode. The site also features different portals, giving browsers access to the topics that interest them most, whether that is sports, the arts, science and tech—or even pets. No topic goes uncovered.

Thanks to its broad and in-depth programming, CBC.ca is a destination for nearly three-quarters of Canada's internet users aged 25 to 54. This is the ideal platform for reaching out to Canadians in major cities and small communities alike, in every province and territory.


Adults 25-54
Post Graduate+
Household income $200K+

Research Department
Source: Vividata Winter 2023 Survey of the Canadian Consumer, A18+, visited CBC.ca in the past month


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