ICI MUSIQUE is Radio-Canada's musical destination.

Every day, passionate hosts present their latest discoveries and favourite songs, with a special emphasis on Canada's French-language music scene. All genres are represented: traditional music, emerging music and jazz have their place, but so do opera, rock, blues, pop, world music, country and hip hop. ICI MUSIQUE can be accessed both online and through its mobile app, which can be downloaded to tablets and smartphones. Not only do the website and app provide live streaming radio, they also feature videos, entire albums—sometimes pre-release—and more than 200 online radio stations, including Muse, which plays only classical music.

These digital platforms attract thousands of unique visitors each year, a testament to the unrivalled appeal that ICI MUSIQUE has for music and art lovers.


On average each month, ICI MUSIQUE records 233,000 unique visitors on its digital platforms
On average each month, ICI MUSIQUE records on its digital platform 819,000 pages viewed

Source: Adobe Omniture, sep-nov 2018 (monthly average), web and app. Unique visitors = unique device. *ICI Musique (viewers pages on website only)


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