During prime time, ICI TÉLÉ has the highest viewer numbers of Quebec's TV networks.

It contributes to the country's cultural vitality by providing distinctive TV programming that is diverse, thought-provoking and enriching. It keeps its audience informed on local, national and international affairs. In addition to entertainment, sports and public issues, viewers also tune in for dramas, comedies and awards galas. ICI TÉLÉ is the only Francophone television channel that keeps broadening its scope, and it attracts more than five million viewers every week, with just a quarter of that audience in Quebec. Its content is broadcast from Vancouver to Moncton, with pit stops in Ottawa-Gatineau and the Prairies.

The people who watch ICI TÉLÉ are curious, learned and have significant purchasing power. From coast to coast, ICI TÉLÉ reaches out to French-speaking Canadians, on whatever screen they’re using.

Source: Numeris,(PPM), French Quebec, Mon-Sun 2a-2a, T2+, weekly average reach, Winter 2019 : January 7 to April 7 and Winter 2018 : January 8 to April 15 (excluding PYC O.G Feb 9 to 25).


University plus education
Household income $125K+
Manager, Owner or Professional

Source: Numeris (PPM), French Quebec, Winter 2019 : January 7 to April 7 2019, Mon-Sun 7 p.m.-11 p.m. *Manager, Owner or Professionnal. Index: Likelihood of having the analyzed characteristics, relative to the average television audience (total TV = 100). The higher the index (> 100), the more pronounced the trend.


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