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  • Drama
  • 24 episodes X 60 minutes

Crime is generally understood to be an institutional concern — a matter for the police, prosecutors and magistrates.

Down at the station, it's said that "every crime finds its investigator." But what happens when the allegations go beyond the scope of police inquiry — like marital infidelity or benefits recipients who’re working under the table?

This is where the private eye steps in. It's been 30 years since Jean Dumas launched his small business, Intelco. Over the years, minor investigations gave way to far more complex cases: intellectual property theft, industrial espionage, embezzlement, money laundering. To tackle these assignments, Dumas has pulled together a crack team, all of them former cops. By keeping things clear, aboveboard and strictly by the book, the little family business has morphed into one of the largest PI firms in the country. Still, Dumas has a serious challenge on his hands — his family.

His ex-wife is meddling in his affairs; his son, an Intelco employee, is threatening to walk out and join the competition; and his daughter is back after a two-year absence with a host of problems in tow. Dumas, struggling to balance the demands of work and his personal life, soon learns he has a whole lot more enemies than he’d imagined.


Gildor Roy, Jason Roy-Léveillé, Isabel Richer, Vincent Leclerc, Marie-Lyne Joncas, David Bélizaire, Jade Charbonneau, Lili Francke-Robitaille, Catherine-Anne Toupin


Fall 2024


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