• Drama
  • Season 2
  • 13 episodes x 30 minutes

Well known writer, playwright, children’s book author, actor and communicator Simon Boulerice has concocted his first TV series. Six dégrés is a dramedy with sure-fire appeal for young viewers aged 13 and up.
The story centres on Léon, a vision-impaired teen whose eyesight is limited to six degrees – it’s like looking at life through a keyhole.
The author exploits this special perspective to depict a 16-year-old’s skewed relationship with the world around him. Brought up in a rural town by his overprotective single mom, Marianne, Léon spends all his time in books. When Marianne dies in an accident, Léon is catapulted into a new life in Montreal, moving in with his father, Francis, and his Mexican-born partner, Julietta. His new family also includes a half-brother, two half-sisters and a boy his age, Ricardo, Julietta’s son from an earlier relationship. Léon also has to navigate life at a new school, where he meets Florence, a girl living with cystic fibrosis, and takes her under his wing. Like any teen, Léon just wants to find his place and assert his identity. All these upheavals and new meetings demand adaptability, tolerance and discernment from everyone, in situations that the author depicts with his typical Boulerician touch, tinged with humour, warmth and humanity, hurtling from drama to comedy and back.


Noah Parker, Catherine Trudeau, Alexandre Goyette et Simon Boulerice


Spring-Summer 2022


Thursday 7 h 30 PM


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