• Drama
  • Season 2
  • 6 episodes x 60 minutes

In Season 2 of this high-concept drama series, a new character is given the opportunity to change her life – and the lives of those around her – by making use of Plan B, a mysterious time-travel agency. After Montreal police officer Mia Coleman (Vinessa Antoine, Diggstown) and her partner Tyler take a lenient approach to a marital dispute, the husband, Paul Whitman, murders his wife Keri and their two small children, then kills himself. Mia is devastated, but soon stumbles across Plan B and finds herself able to book a trip into the past, and perhaps alter the outcome. Along the way, Mia discovers the astonishing potential of Plan B to alter the balance between criminals and victims, making her the most effective cop on the force. As always, though, Plan B guarantees no easy solutions, and Mia's journey into the past is replete with unexpected quicksands. The more she struggles to effect change, the deeper into complication and crisis she sinks, especially as her own issues around control and jealousy are laid bare.



Season 2:

Fall 2024


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