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  • True Crime
  • 10 episodes x 60 minutes

After Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Inspector Donny “Fitz” Fitzpatrick digs too deeply into a local politician’s nefarious activity, he is exiled to work in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon (the French Territory nestled in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Newfoundland). Fitz's arrival disrupts the life of Deputy Chief Geneviève “Arch” Archambault, a Parisian transplant who is in Saint-Pierre for her own intriguing reasons.

SAINT-PIERRE is a police procedural with French star Josephine Jobert (Death in Paradise) as Arch and Canadian star Allan Hawco (Republic of Doyle, Caught, Jack Ryan) as Fitz. As if by fate, these two seasoned officers — with very different policing skills and approaches — are forced together to solve unique and exciting crimes. Although the islands seem like a quaint tourist destination, the idyllic façade conceals the worst kind of criminal element which tend to wash up on its beautiful shores. At first at odds and suspicious of each other, Arch and Fitz soon discover that they are better together… a veritable crime-fighting force. 


 Josephine Jobert, Allan Hawco


Hawco Productions


Allan Hawco, Robina Lord-Stafford and Perry Chafe

Executive producer

Allan Hawco, Robina Lord-Stafford, Perry Chafe, Erin Sullivan, Janine Squires and John Vatcher


Winter 2025


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