• Drama
  • Season 3
  • 60 minutes x 8 episodes

Created by Sheri Elwood (Lucifer, Call Me Fitz), Moonshine is back.

Season 3 sees plans for a mega-resort next to The Moonshine... is this sudden death for the beloved campground or... a cool job opportunity for Lidia (Jennifer Finnigan, Salvation)?

This is a true David and Goliath story, further complicated when Sammy (Alex Nunez) develops a romantic relationship with the resort's sexy lead investor, and Lidia doubles down on reviving her architectural career at the risk of losing everything – and everyone – she loves. As her decision causes seismic rifts within the family, Rhian (Anastasia Phillips) and Nora (Emma Hunter) navigate the challenges of being modern women, balancing ambition, motherhood and love, while Ryan (Tom Stevens) loses himself in the grip of a self-empowerment group and Ken struggles with Bea's decision to take time off from her complicated family – possibly for good.


Jennifer Finnigan, Anastasia Phillips, Corrine Koslo, Peter MacNeill, Emma Hunter, Tom Stevens, Alexander Nunez, Celia Owen, Calem MacDonald, Farid Yazdani, Erin Darke, Allegra Fulton, Jonathan Silverman, Loretta Yu

Creator/showrunner/executive producer

Sheri Elwood (Call Me Fitz)


Six Eleven Media and Entertainment One Ltd. (eOne)


Summer 2024


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