In 2021, Radio-Canada launched Mordu, a new cooking and food platform that brings together the network's full slate of culinary content at a single address — Cooking enthusiasts across the country can find close to 6,000 recipes along with an ingredient guide, stories, tips and tricks from pros, top sources, local food news and exclusive digital originals to inform and entertain them.

Mordu provides access to the unparalleled expertise of its regular contributors, including nutritionist Geneviève O'Gleman, pastry chef Patrice Demers, mixologist Claudia Doyon and the Mordu kitchen brigade of Amine Laabi, Caroline Huard (a.k.a “Loounie”), Minh Phat, Anita Feng, Vincent Dion-Lavallé, Bob le chef and Pasquale Vari (not to mention familiar faces from ICI TÉLÉ such as Ricardo and the guest chefs on 5 chefs dans ma cuisine).

There are many opportunities for advertisers looking to associate their brand with the platform

Sponsorship of shows, digital originals and recipe inspirations.

Product placements in our exclusive series.

Content creation with our top culinary personalities.

• Engaging, informative branded content.

• Creating partner spaces to promote your products.

• Entertaining custom content on our social platforms (TikTok).

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