• Drama

the romeo section10 X 60 minWednesdays at 9pm Production : Haddock Entertainment Season 2 of The Romeo Section finds freelance intelligence agent Wolfgang McGee (Andrew Airlie) tasked with a covert investigation of a terrorist incident. The trail leads him forward into the dark side of intelligence services and backwards into his own past history of serving in that realm, and its tragic personal and social consequences. Meanwhile, Lily Song (Jemmy Chen) is now a recruit for the Intelligence Service and working her way up the ladder, while taking drastic action to prevent her discovery as a double agent. Up and coming drug gangster Rufus (Juan Riedinger) gets caught in an escalating city-wide turf war which upsets the gangster hierarchy and triggers an attempted coup d’etat at the top of the heroin food chain. ​​​​​​  Almost 5 million Canadians tuned in to watch “The Romeo Section” over Fall 2015, with one of CBC’s most male-skewing programs (i. 120).  Acclaimed show-runner Chris Haddock (Da Vinci’s Inquest, Intelligence) returned to CBC for this series produced in Vancouver. ​


Fall 2021


Monday 1:30 AM


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