• Drama

Série Noire tells the story of two struggling screenwriters, Denis and Patrick, who are forced to write the sequel to their farfetched and critically panned cop and lawyer series, Les coulisses de la justice. To prove to the rest of the world – and to themselves – that they have talent, Denis and Patrick adopt a decidedly unconventional creative approach. According to the Actors Studio, to convey pain, you have to have felt it. Does the same thing go for writing? What if to write convincingly, you first have to live through the story you're telling, get under the skin of your characters and experience their hopes, fears and doubts for real? Writers: Jean-François Rivard et François Létourneau Director: Jean-Francois Rivard Producers: Casablanca – Joanne Forgues Staring: ​François Létourneau, Vincent-Guillaume Otis, Edith Cochrane, Anne Elisabeth Bossé, Guy Nadon, Marc Beaupré, Louise Bombardier, Caroline Bouchard, Alain Zouvi, Hugo Dubé and many others.​


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