• Family
  • 8 episodes x 11 minutes

When a mysterious rival uses a time machine to frame famous Edwardian-era detective William Murdoch of a murder he didn't commit, his great-great-great-granddaughter, 16-year-old Macy (Canadian Screen Award-winner Shailyn Pierre-Dixon, Pretty Hard Cases, The Book of Negroes), and her friends Zane (Beau Han Bridge) and Billie (Raffa Virago), must travel back to 1910 to re-examine the clues and determine the real perpetrator of the crime. But if you thought solving a regular murder mystery was difficult, imagine doing so undercover, in a time that isn't your own, and without the aid of modern technology. To make matters worse, if Macy doesn't succeed in exonerating Murdoch, she faces a terrible fate — being erased from the future! It's up to our young heroes to save the day... and solve a mystery over a hundred years in the making. Based on CBC's hit series Murdoch Mysteries.



Begins streaming:

Thursday, March 23


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