• 10 episodes x 60 minutes
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Season: Fall 2023

Schedule: Tuesday, 9 PM


Release: December 2022


Serge Boucher


Claude Desrosiers




Céline Bonier, René Richard Cy, James Hyndman, Luc Guérin, Schelby Jean-Baptiste, Irdens Exantus, France Castel, Luis Oliva, Camille Felton


Fragments is about what happens when the past comes knocking after a long hiatus. Two professionals, Paul-André Denis and Marlène Cormier, are unexpectedly thrust back into contact with François Bibeau, who they knew some 30 years previously. Added to the mix is Renaud Dagenais, now very much part of the lives of Paul-André and Marlène. Then there's Jacynthe Nadeau, one-time heart and soul of the gang, whose death at far too young an age has left a yawning gap. What will having François back in the picture mean for Paul-André and Marlène? And how will it impact their kids Tomas, Céleste and Edouard, now adults?

Through these crossing paths and confrontations, the fragments of the past begin to surface, shedding light on the present and pointing to what has to happen next. As we trace our protagonists' journeys, we start to understand who each has become and perceive the inexorable logic that will once again confront them with hard choices.

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