• Drama
  • Season 15
  • 13 episodes X 60 minutes

DRE GREY, LEÇONS D'ANATOMIEA massive storm has caused major damage to Grey Sloan Memorial. Some staff are injured as others try to regain control of the emergency room. New parents of a baby boy Derek and Meredith offer Callie and her daughter a place to stay. Arizona's affair has caused a crisis in her relationship, and it may have disastrous consequences for her marriage. Things are tense between Cristina and Meredith, and an enticing business proposal is making her reconsider a future outside Grey Sloan Memorial. During this 10th season, the hospital's close-knit community will need to pull together to get through major changes and upheavals in their lives. 24 episodes* *Subject to change without notice


Winter 2020


Friday 7 PM


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