• Drama
  • Season 4
  • 10 episodes x 60 minutes

Tricky cases. Complex investigations. This new season gives the impression that the trio of GICCS investigators are walking on a tightrope, where a simple gust of wind can topple them all over.Unmasked by Fred, Alice pretends to track down aggressors on the web and sinks into her lies.

But Fred is no fool. Dorcely, who buys Alice's explanations, sees nothing but overzealousness. He thinks she should be given more power... and Fred transferred elsewhere. Alice fights hard to keep him on the team. Dorcely has to navigate a delicate course to prevent the GICCS from imploding, and it's against this backdrop of a boiling cauldron that season 3 unfolds.

A university student who claims to have been gang-raped on campus; a young female victim assaulted while jogging; an explosive story involving law enforcement officers; and a seemingly classic case of workplace abuse: these are the cases that will mobilize the team, while the ghosts of Alice are never far away.


Julie Perreault, Marc-André Grodin, Kathleen Fortin


Daniel Grou (Podz)


Aetios, Fabienne Larouche




Fall 2024


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