• Drama
  • Season 4
  • 6 episodes X 60 minutes

In the fourth season of Diggstown, Marcie (played by CSA Nominee for Best Actress, Vinessa Antoine), is struggling mentally and physically after last season's shooting, while she faces threats and defections from all sides. As she rushes from one crisis to the next, a former ally's actions may spell the end of Marcie Diggs & Associates. Meanwhile Colleen (played by CSA Nominee for Best Supporting Actress, Natasha Henstridge) revels in her new role as a trial division Judge. However, when she runs afoul of a senior member of the judiciary, Colleen makes a powerful enemy who targets her closest colleagues. At Marcie Diggs & Associates, Marcie's absence leaves a power vacuum and Vivian (Antoinette Robertson) seizes the opportunity to take control of the firm. First, by installing Doug (Brandon Oakes) as the leader. Then, by marginalizing Reggie (C. David Johnson) who sees the powerplay behind Vivian's beneficence and is having none of it. As Season Four opens, Ellery's (Nicole Muñoz) complex relationship with Vivian ends only to find her fall into a more ethically dangerous relationship with one of Marcie Diggs & Associates' toughest adversaries, Greenbelt Agriculture (owned by the powerful Clawford Family). Iris (Shailene Garnett), battles feelings of isolation following the death of Reverend Cliff Clayton. When she finds emotional support and friendship in an unlikely place, her relationship to Marcie Diggs & Associates is changed forever. Meanwhile, Avery's (Dwain Murphy) decision to search for his birth mother leads him down a path that may prove to be the undoing of everything he values. Season 4 of Diggstown is a tumultuous ride filled with searing emotional battles, where even though the victories are few and hard fought; Marcie Diggs and her team continue to be relentless in their fight for justice.


Vinessa Antoine, Natasha Henstridge & Tim Rozon

Directed by

Lynne Stopkewich, Kelly Makin, Cory Bowles

Created by

Floyd Kane


Fall 2024


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