• Drama
Demain des hommes10 episodes X 60 minutes Monday 8 p.m.* Starring: Émile Proulx-Cloutier, Joey Scarpellino, Normand D'amour, Marie-Chantal Perron, Marie-Anne Fortier et Alexis Martin Director: Yves-Christian Fournier Writer: Guillaume Vigneault Production: Melenny Productions DEMAIN DES HOMMES follows the adventures of a team in the Montferrand Major Junior Hockey League. The team is the focal point of the series and its main plot driver. But a team is nothing without its players, all young men with a hunger for the ice. Some will grow and shine before our eyes, while others will crack under the pressure and do all kinds of crazy things. Although the world of elite hockey has its privileges, it also requires considerable sacrifices – sacrifices that are often too heavy for such young shoulders to bear. But the ultimate goal of going pro is too enticing for many. As they grind out a long, 68-game season, enduring endless bus rides from city to city at a paltry $35 a week, they have visions of charter flights, big-league contracts, fame and fortune. They're young men dreaming in Technicolor in a grey, drab world of cheap motels. Nearly all of them see themselves playing in the NHL someday, but only a tiny minority will actually get the call. Many won't have the talent or the endurance, but nearly everyone will play their hearts out trying. *Subject to change without notice.​​​​

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