• Drama
  • Season 3
  • 10 episodes X 60 minutes

Jenny is trying to live day-to-day by the tenets of “Radical Aliveness” — embracing her whole self, good and bad, feeling her emotions when they well up, and accepting that she can’t insulate herself from hurt. We find her “wild swimming” in a lake near her property and teaching herself to love the bracing waters. It’s not easy to live like this after a lifetime of protecting yourself from your darkest secret. And this season’s relationships – and the cases she encounters as coroner – will test her ability to chart this new course. She’ll succeed mostly, then fail awfully, then meet herself again, transformed.


Serinda Swan

Created by

Morwyn Brebner


M.R. Hall


Back Alley Films, Muse Entertainment and Cineflix Studios 


Winter-Spring 2021


Wednesday 8 PM


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