• Drama
  • 6 episodes X 60 minutes

​​​Nineteen-year-old Joël Roy rapes his friend and neighbour, Nadia Robichaud. He is tried and sentenced to two years in prison. It's the beginning of a descent into hell. Every member of the Roy family deals with the consequences of Joël's despicable crime in their own way. The family, professional, economic and social effects continue to reverberate until they reach overwhelming proportions. When Joël gets out of prison, there's nothing left of his family, so he heads to Montreal in the hopes of starting a new life. But he's overcome with remorse when he runs into his father – or the homeless man he thinks is his father. Obsessed by the encounter, Joël attempts to kill himself, but he can't escape his responsibilities so easily. He has to get a grip on himself and learn to live with the weight of forgiveness.

​​​​​​*Subject to change without notice​​​​​​​​


Paul Doucet, Isabelle Cyr, Félix Basque & Hélène Florent


Spring & Summer 2019


Tuesday, 8 PM


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