• Drama
  • 10 minutes x 10 episodes

Cœur vintage is about the (mis)adventures of 40-something singleton Pauline, who feels distinctly out of sync with her times. Droll, endearing and nostalgic, she shares the ups and downs of looking for love with self-deprecating frankness. The story begins as she's been given the brush-off yet again (and by text, no less!). Just one more romantic let-down that has her seeking a shoulder to cry on in her best buddy Antoine — who might not be quite the friend she thinks he is.

At 42, Pauline is not sure who she is or what she wants anymore. She has the terrible feeling that she will soon be "out of date". Pauline's quest for love thus becomes a real quest for the meaning she wants to give to her life... Fortunately, she still has the words of others - those of writers, philosophers and artists who say better than she does what she feels. But these words of refuge that serve to heal her scratched heart, Pauline will have to get rid of them one day to find her own voice.

En vedette

Émilie Bibeau, Rachel Graton, Pascale Renaud-Hébert and Fanny Britt


Fall 2023


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