• Drama
  • New
  • 10 episodes X 60 minutes

Psychiatrist Henri Lacombe (Claude Legault) runs the National Institute of Mental Health. Day after day, his job is to ease his patients’ suffering. His wife, Anne Beaulieu (Evelyne de la Chenelière), is a consulting psychologist in a private clinic. The two of them deal with the highs and lows of everyday life with their two children, Marine (Marianne Verville) and William (Henri Picard). Henri’s world turns upside down the day Anne fails to show up to meet him at a restaurant. What happened to her? That’s how Cerebrum begins. The investigation into Anne’s disappearance, conducted by Simone Vallier (Christine Beaulieu), raises lots of questions. Does someone have it in for Anne? A friend or family member? A patient? Or could it have something to do with Henri’s work with extremely volatile patients? There’s no shortage of possibilities.


Claude Legault, Evelyne de la Chenelière, Marianne Verville, Henri Picard, Christine Beaulieu


Richard Blaimert


Winter 2020


Wednesday 9 PM


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