• Drama
  • Season 2
  • 8 episodes X 60 minutes

Based on the Émile Zola novel Au bonheur des dames, this Victorian Era drama series [The Paradise] tells the story of Britain’s first department store through its main protagonists – from the shop girls like Denise Lovett, recently arrived from the countryside, to its owner, the dashing John Moray, and his innovations in the art of selling. Denise battles to prove herself in the ladieswear department, while having to contend with the jealous Clara and the stern Miss Audrey. Meanwhile, Moray has to navigate between the powerful Lord Glendenning, his potential financier, and Glendenning’s headstrong daughter Katherine, who’s determined to marry him despite his apparent inability to commit. Intelligent, ambitious and generous, Denise Lovett lands a job at The Paradise, a glamorous department store that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for her ...


Fall 2019


Saturday 6 AM


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