• Drama
  • 8 episodes X 15 minutes

With plenty of openness, fun and empathy, this series will follow the daily lives of endearing characters who want nothing more than to learn to live in harmony within their blended family.

Frédérique, 25, falls in love with Jules at first sight. But Jules isn't coming alone; he already has a child. Her head tells her to run away, but her heart says otherwise. She decides to give the relationship a chance and joins a support group for step-parents, hoping to find some help.

There she met Christophe and Geneviève, who were also experiencing difficulties in their role as step-parents, despite their very different realities. As often as possible, the three of them meet at the bowling alley to share their challenges, arguments and successes.


Camille Felton


Francesca Gauthier, Marie-Soleil Dion and Julien Pelletier


Hervé Baillargeon


Winter 2024


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