• Drama
  • Seasons 5-6
  • 24 episodes X 60 minutes

The crime rate in Valmont remains extraordinarily high. Bombs, extortions, gang wars, a body in concrete: the Fournier-Costa family is certainly keeping busy. Behind a façade of legitimacy, they continue to control illegal betting, drug trafficking and other lucrative pursuits in the region. But Guy Bérubé really did have compromising information about Tina, facts whose revelation will have serious repercussions for the Goulets — particularly Simon, already on his way down a dangerously slippery slope.


Maude Guérin, Martine Francke, Catherine Renaud & Eve Duranceau

Created by

Sylvie Lussier & Pierre Poirier

Directed by

Francis Leclerc


Winter 2024


Monday, 8 PM


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