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CBC/Radio-Canada Media Solutions' Responsible Media series

A Commitment to Responsible Data Management

For an honest and authentic connection with your target audience, CBC & Radio-Canada Media Solutions brings precision and ethics to your advertising campaigns.

Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI)
Ethical data
Environmental responsibility
Brand protection
The importance of local media
Five key cornerstones: equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), ethical data, environmental responsibility, brand protection, and the importance of local media

Geo-based segments and responsible data management

Savvy advertisers know the importance of reaching a significant section of their target audience. With the disappearance of third-party cookies, this challenge is growing. Geo-based segments offer a solution by grouping users according to socio-demographic and psychographic criteria, based solely on their postal code. CBC & Radio-Canada Media Solutions is now integrating these segments into its digital targeting solutions, while ensuring their compliance with high ethical standards through a rigorous validation process.

Understanding Geo-based Segments

Geo-based segments represent an approach to audience segmentation, based on an analysis of demographic, behavioral and geographic data. By identifying groups of individuals sharing similar characteristics on the basis of postal code, these segments enable advertisers to reach a large pool of individuals while targeting an appropriate audience. Since geo-based segments is based on users' postal codes, it is not necessary to identify these individuals on the basis of a cookie or any other unique identifier. The match rate can therefore be 100%, as long as the postal code is available.

An ethical approach

CBC & Radio-Canada Media Solutions uses geo-based segments to meet market needs, but precision targeting must not be at the expense of ethics. These segments have therefore been evaluated and classified according to their compliance with our guidelines:

Red flag Red flag

Many of the red-flag segments do not comply with our internal ethical rule of not targeting audiences on the basis of their ethnic or racial origin. We have therefore chosen to exclude segments targeting a specific community from our offer. However, a distinction must be made between these segments and the broader ones targeting neighborhoods rich in diversity or with a multi-ethnic character, which are not necessarily problematic.

Yellow flag Yellow flag

Yellow flag segments require validation by our advertising standards team prior to use. They can be used, but an assessment of the advertising context is necessary to avoid any risk of prejudice or discriminatory messages. For example, a segment composed of less wealthy individuals is not necessarily problematic, but we want to ensure that it is not used to promote products or services that exploit the economic vulnerability of the people targeted.

Green flag Green flag

Segments in this category are approved for general use and contain categories that pose no risk of prejudice. Forty-four segments carry a green flag.

André Munro, Director of Data Strategy and Monetization

"(...) precision targeting must not be at the expense of ethics."

André Munro
Director of Data Strategy and Monetization

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CBC & Radio-Canada Media Solutions's geo-based segments offer an ethical and effective solution for optimizing your advertising campaigns. By combining accurate targeting with an ethical approach, you'll benefit from our reputation as a trusted public broadcaster, reduced risk of inappropriate advertising and authentic engagement with your target audience.

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