CBC is one of the leading television channels in Canada and produces more Canadian content than any other English-language network.

Its top-tier programming is aired nationwide, at all hours of the day. This channel has been on the air since television’s earliest days, and it has maintained its place as a leader in the world of television broadcasting. CBC’s content is primarily local, national and global news, with additional focus on sports broadcasting, big-budget dramas, sitcoms and other entertainment. Its viewers are educated, have considerable purchasing power, and often occupy positions of authority.

CBC is the preferred platform for advertisers reaching out to a large English-speaking audience in all ten provinces and three territories.

Primary shopper in the household
Have a college/university + education

Research Department
Source: Numeris TV Meter Data, CBC Total M-F, Su 2a-2a, Ind 2+ and A25-54 Cume Reach, 1 Minute Reach condition, 9/12/2022 to 12/11/2022, Total Canada. Source: Numeris TV Meter Data, %Ind 2+ Comp of CBC Total M-F, Su 2a-2a indexed to Total TV M-Su 2a-2a, 9/12/2022 to 12/11/2022, Total Canada


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