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  • Documentary
  • 3 episodes X 60 minutes

PAID IN FULL explores the journey of Black artists in the music industry from its inception to the digital streaming age.

Despite remarkable success stories, systemic racial obstacles persist, with exploitative contracts and copyright arrangements often hindering artists' autonomy and financial reward. From the harsh realities faced by legends such as Bessie Smith, Little Richard and Chuck Berry, to the emergence of Black-owned labels like Motown, Stax Records and Def Jam, and finally the impact of streaming in the digital era, the series offers insight into the triumphs and challenges of Black artists striving for recognition, autonomy, and fair compensation—in a music industry with odds stacked against them.

Commissioned by CBC and BBC, PAID IN FULL is executive produced by Greg Sanderson for Supercollider, Idris Elba for Green Door Pictures, Sabrina Elba for Pink Towel and Julie Bristow for Catalyst, with showrunner David Upshal.


Supercollider, Green Door Pictures and Pink Towel in association with Catalyst (CBC, BBC)

Executive Producers

Greg Sanderson, Idris Elba, Sabrina Elba, Julie Bristow


David Upshal


Jully Black


Fall 2024


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