• Comedy
  • 10 episodes x 60 minutes

Alix Mongeau, a single mother and nail technician, is about to celebrate her 30th birthday with a general sense of dissatisfaction with a life that's going nowhere. Despite her total inexperience and complete lack of interest in politics, she agrees, as a favor to a friend, to be a pole candidate in a riding where she has no chance of winning. At least, that's what she's told. Basically, she was told, all she had to do was let them put her face on the poles so that the party could run candidates in all 125 ridings in Quebec.

Against all odds, thanks to a scandal and a wave of discontent with the party in power, Alix, like 34 other PPDQ (Parti Progrès et Démocratie du Québec) MPs, won her election in Dufferin, a riding she couldn't locate on the map, to do a job she knew nothing about, wasn't interested in and didn't have the skills for. Thrust into the political arena, Alix discovers her new job, a new culture, politics and her riding, where an environmental scandal is brewing, the management of which will be her baptism by fire. She drags her family and friends into her new life, and the clash between her new world and her old one is not without its bumps.


Catherine Chabot, Olivier Gervais-Courchesne, Inès Talbi, Noé Lira, Patrick- Emmanuel Abellard, Lily-Rose Loyer, Hugo Dubé, Geneviève Brouillette, Maka Kotto, Mireille Métellus, Roger Léger, Louis Champagne et Christian Bégin.


Isabelle Langlois


Sébastien Gagné et Charles-Olivier Michaud


Groupe Encore


Winter 2024


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