• Comedy
  • Season 2
  • 13 episodes x 30 minutes

Isabelle Gagnon has always lived in the eye of the storm — starting with child-rearing, now more tumultuous than ever, what with the kids fast growing up. Between the needs of Jade (who's off at school in the Gaspé), Jules's anxiety attacks and Emma's escapades, the sources of stress may vary, but each is just as liable to trigger chaos. And that's not even counting a burgeoning romance Isabelle may not be ready for . . .

But she isn't alone in carrying the load: all the woman in her circle have their own issues to deal with. Jade must wrangle heartache and disappointment in her dual search for true love and her dream job. Éliane has to contend with raging hormones and the havoc they wreak on her freedom and sense of being a woman. Mylène bends over backwards to be the world's best stepmom, lover and engaged citizen, all the while yearning to become Isabelle's bestie. Then there's Isabelle's mom Louise, whose connubial bliss with her Michel leaves her endless time for showering her daughter with her “mother's wisdom.”


Christine Beaulieu, Joey Bélanger, Véronique Cloutier, Emi Chicoine, Juliette Aubé, Catherine Souffront, Danielle Proulx



Season 3:

February 2023

Season 2:

Winter 2023


Monday 7:30 PM


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