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  • Comedy
  • 13 episodes x 30 minutes

In L'OEIL DU CYCLONE, Christine Beaulieu plays Isabelle Gagnon, a 39-year-old single mother of three, who shows us that even if custody is shared, the worries are never-ending.

Isabelle spends every day in the eye of the hurricane with her twins, Emma and Jules, her older daughter Jade and frequently Jade's boyfriend, Matisse. Sometimes, to get by, she's forced to cut corners when it comes to raising her kids, her friendships, work and the search for a soulmate.

If she was just sharing her home with her children and their entourage, things would be busy enough, but she also has to contend the rest of her family. Louise, her newly retired mom, now has a lot more time to pass judgment on her life; her sister and best friend Éliane—the family success story, has decided to find her a man, her ex, JF, whom she often has to keep on track; and her young friend Mylène, who claims to know it all in the child-rearing department!


Christine Beaulieu, Patrick Hivon, Véronique Cloutier, Emi Chicoine



Season 2:

Winter 2022

Season 1:

Winter 2022


Monday 7:30 PM


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