• Comedy

​​L'âge adulteThe Noël children know the Diallos (Shantel, Léonard's first love, and her two girls, Sheryl and Shonda) a bit, but not very well. The two families aren't very close, but Léonard is now spending most of his time in Sorel, at Shantel Diallo's. To the point where his children are starting to feel a little neglected. At the start of Season 2, they're all wrapped up in their own lives. The second season will deal with the illusions we harbour about ourselves and how they often gnaw away at us. This awareness is triggered by the death of Bastien, Tom's ex, who is found dead at home, as a result of asphyxiophilia (a dangerous sexual practice that consists in strangling yourself while masturbating to achieve a heightened orgasm). *Subject to change without notice.​​


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