ICI RDI is Canada's French-language source of choice for informational broadcasting.

Since 1995, it has had its finger on the pulse of all major current events, and has brought the latest local, national and international news into homes across Canada. Thanks to its team of passionate journalists, ICI RDI provides a thoughtful and thought-provoking perspective on what is happening in the world. It broadcasts from its Information Centre in Montreal, as well as thirty offices across the country. It has a well-deserved reputation for high-quality reporting, with correspondents located in several offices around the globe. ICI RDI does more than relay simple facts and headlines; it also provides informational programming, political analyses and documentaries on high-level issues.

Each week, more than two million viewers tune in for the latest happenings and political commentary. This audience is educated and well-off in terms of finances. Whichever topics draw their interest, viewers choose ICI RDI to watch, learn and understand.


Household income $125K+
University Education +
2,100,000 viewers each week

Source: Numeris (PPM), Québec franco, Fall 2022 (September 12 to December 11) vs Fall 2021 (September 13 to December 12), Monday-Sunday 7-11pm. T2+. Average audience per minute. Source: Numeris (PPM), Québec franco, Fall 2022 (September 12 to December 12), Monday-Sunday 2am-2am. T2+, A35-64 RF > $125,000, university graduates. Index: lower or higher than average propensity of viewers to have the characteristics analysed (total TV 2am-2am = 100). The higher the index (>100), the stronger the trend.


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