ICI ARTV is the only French-language specialty channel in Canada focused on culture.

For nearly 20 years, it has brought joy to art lovers of all stripes, with broadcast performances, documentaries, lifestyle and arts reporting, scripted television series and films that showcase art in its many forms. Viewers seeking artistic and cultural programming can find everything they’re looking for: repertory cinema, live music concerts and performances, and popular television series from around the world. This programming gives ICI ARTV its singular appeal, and explains why the platform attracts more than 1.6 million viewers per week.

This audience is interested in film, ballet, opera and museums. They are Epicureans interested in fine cuisine, fine wine, and living well... ICI ARTV reaches out to an audience that is cultured and plugged into the latest trends.

Show interest in ballet, opera, art galleries and museums
Go to concerts
Interested in fine cuisine restaurant

Source reach: Numeris TV Meter Data, French Québec, F18: September 10 to December 9 2018, Mo-Sun 2a-2a, P2+. Average weekly reach. Profile sources: 1 Numeris TV Meter Data, French Quebec, F18: September 10 to December 9 2019. Mon-Sun 2a-2a. Ballet, opera, art galleries and museums: in the last 12 months.Fine cuisine restaurant : in the last month. 2 Vividata, Winter 2019, French Québec 18+, ICI ARTV viewers went to the movies twice or more in the past month (exluding last week) Index: Likelihood of having the analyzed characteristics, relative to the average television audience (total TV = 100). The higher the index (> 100), the more pronounced the trend.


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