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Branded  Podcasts as part of advertising campaigns


Senior Manager, Strategy and Content
CBC & Radio-Canada Media Solutions

Samuel-Olivier Barette

Did you know that 23% of francophone Canadians tune into podcasts each month?
The number of French-speaking listeners increased from 17% in 2019 to 23% in 2021, an increase of more than 35%. The weekly time spent for these listeners averages 3 hours.

According to the latest OTM survey, 25% of French-speaking listeners say they use OHdio as a listening platform. This puts OHdio as the second most used platform (shared position with other applications), after Spotify. Podcasts are a huge part of digital audio content, and they are becoming a go-to medium for brands in 2022.

Why use  podcasts in your campaigns?

There are numerous advantages to branded podcasts. With endless possibilities in terms of format, the medium is highly versatile, with plenty of room for outside-the-box thinking and treatments that can range from simple to complex. Unlike in mass media, advertisers can fully explore an idea or topic to develop their brand with more depth. Furthermore, given the heightened intimacy of audio, podcasts provide a lot of potential for high audience engagement.

How can you produce a  podcast that meets your expectations?

Creating podcast content can be complex if you lack the requisite tools and knowledge. Advertisers wanting to try their hand at the medium must grapple with a host of questions ranging from format to length, tone, talent, distribution platform, and beyond.

While there are a number of options on the market, working with Radio-Canada lets you tap into our expertise in delivering creative, innovative solutions, along with possible access to our in-house talent and headliners. Here, the branded podcast is a turnkey solution with end-to-end support, from designing and producing the campaign to amplifying it on our various platforms and social media accounts. In short, you can leave it all to us!

CBC/Radio-Canada is one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the country, and Radio-Canada OHdio is tailor-made for podcast listeners, with superb content discoverability that leads to better performance.

How does the branded  podcast fit into your ad campaign?

Desjardins' Table Rase is a fine example of using branded podcasts in a multiplatform environment. Created with our content market team and popular personalities among the 18-30 set like Rosalie Bonenfant, Jessica Prudencio, Chloée Deblois and Karl Hardy, the campaign takes a fresh, informal, relevant look at such topics as self-affirmation, shopping habits and personal finance.

The campaign, which was built around the ICI TOU.TV series, also had a podcast where experts discuss the topics in greater depth. And while in this case, the podcast was complementary to the digital content, there are any number of ways of leveraging the medium, whose versatility and synergy are what make it so potentially useful for your campaigns.

Creativity and versatility at your service!

The branded podcast on Radio-Canada is a golden opportunity for advertisers seeking to build a rapport with their target demos. Contact your rep to discuss the opportunities that await!

Research Department

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