Tips to Boost your Social Media Content

An interview with expert Chloé Dumas-Berger

Tips to Boost your Social Media Content

Expert advice for running
a successful content marketing strategy on CBC/Radio-Canada social platforms

Interview with Chloé Dumas-Berger— social media branded content strategist.

Chloé Dumas-Berger


Chloé is a graduate of HEC Montréal's master of marketing program and oversees ideation and development of the B2B offering on social media for CBC & Radio-Canada Media Solutions. Known for her strategic acumen, creative mind, calm demeanour and attention to detail, Chloé also builds and executes the content plans pitched to our advertiser clients. The insights she brings as a social media specialist are a major asset to our cross-functional team of experts.

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1- What career path led you to your current role?

After graduating from HEC Montréal, I worked on the client side as a member of Hydro-Québec's corporate communications and brand team. Before joining Radio-Canada, I also conducted research on new business models in the media industry. In 2012, the Media Solutions team recruited me as a cross-platform project manager. That experience eventually morphed into a social media specialist role, created in 2022, to meet the growing demand for this type of expertise.

2- What does your expertise bring to a B2C campaign?

As an expert in content promotion on social platforms, I'm asked for my input at the campaign planning stage to figure out tactics and strategies aligned with our clients' communications and marketing goals, particularly on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn. The idea behind this approach is to incorporate social platforms into campaign ideation, with an eye to generating optimal content engagement and visibility results.

My expertise allows me to identify and leverage the content formats best suited to client needs as well as the best tactics for sharing and amplifying these campaigns across the CBC/Radio-Canada group's extensive social media network.

Day-to-day, my job involves implementing promotion and engagement tactics across our social media accounts, managing content and monitoring pages associated with our brands and campaigns. I also spend time writing social posts as well as the plans and strategies we present during our pitches.

Working this way not only allows us to be creative but also to act with agility in developing branded content. By being involved at the briefing stage, we can recommend highly integrated, highly adjustable strategies that are 100% complementary and executed without straying too far from the initial vision pitched to the client.

My day-to-day also includes a fair amount of development work and experimentation with new audiovisual content formats. It's really exciting to work on new concepts and successfully align the right promotional vehicles to create buzz for our shows and our clients' products and services.

3- How does Media Solutions help advertisers enhance the reach of their content on social media?

The reach of our network, coupled with the depth of our expertise, allows us to accelerate the discoverability of our business partners' content on social media. Another key advantage to working with us is the credibility and goodwill enjoyed by our brands, content creators (La brigade, Locavores) and platforms.

Our social media feeds become extensions of our advertisers' communications platforms, allowing their campaigns and integrations to piggyback on our reputation. Engagement in their posts and offers is thus increased, providing our clients with a greater return on their investment.



Choose relevant platforms based on your target audience and the nature of the content being shared.


With social platforms here to stay and becoming increasingly complex (engagement metrics, paid formats, organic content), working with our experts to generate maximum impact for your investment is more essential than ever.


Create custom strategies for your social media campaigns, starting ideation early in the process and in a way that complements all channels leveraged by your brands.


Develop strong collaborative relationships between your teams and CBC/Radio-Canada social media experts to capitalize on all available opportunities.


Leverage the multiplier effect ('Tok x TV) by focusing on strategic, proactive approaches. Social media campaigns will not cannibalize your parallel marketing initiatives so long as these are executed in a complementary manner and according to the plans mapped out at the start of your campaigns.

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