• Factual
  • 12 episodes X 30 minutes

There are countless memorable phrases, from Julius Caesar to Jean Perron by way of Louis XIV and Camil Samson, a lot of witty things have been said over the years. And with the development of social media on top of the traditional variety, the bank of memorable phrases has been seeing exponential growth.. François Morency and three guests will take a closer look at some words and expressions that have caught their attention for the right or wrong reasons. Comedy acts, funny interviews, hilarious sketches, juicy clips . . . whether they're playing with famous quotations, digging up treasures from social media or revisiting favourite lines from movies or Quebec TV, everything's fair game when it comes to celebrating the best and the worst in the spoken and written word. ​​​​​​​​​​​​*Subject to change without notice.​​​


François Morency


Attraction Images


Winter 2020


Friday 9 PM*


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