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OFF CIRCUIT Off-Circuit reveals the surprisingly vital cultural underbelly of global cities that have seen war and political unrest yet remain creatively vibrant. This is art with a very sharp purpose: as political protest, as a means of survival, as an agent of change, as a display of courage. Off Circuit shows us that artists can make a real difference, not just for one person, but for an entire resilient city, as seen in Beirut, Sarajevo, Tunis, Port-au-Prince, Kiev. The DJs, the street artists, the writers, the musicians, the city bloggers, the filmmakers - some of them practicing their art undercover. Four young locals - including one Canadian ex-pat - take us on an immersive journey into their world, giving us a portrait of their lives, their art and how it contributes to the distinct culture of these less explored parts of the world. ​

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