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NOUVELLE ADRESSESeason 2 After deciding to leave André and battle her cancer alone, Nathalie tries a treatment of last resort: a promising, but experimental chemotherapy that causes serious side effects... Laurent and Johanne's relationship is on the rocks. Will they get through this rough patch, after all Laurent's lies? Magalie still wants to shine at work, but the arrival of Cora, her new rival, frustrates her plans. Olivier has come back to help Nathalie and tries to get his life in order, but his heart is still torn between Los Angeles and Montreal. Will a potential lover help him make up his mind? Danielle still lives with the guilt of her affair with Émile and the fear that Nathalie will find out about it. Danielle starts therapy... but isn't the best therapy having a new man in her life? Jacques will make sure their divorce does not go smoothly. Who will get custody of the children after their mother leaves? *Subject to change without notice

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