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Gregory Charles takes the helm of Le choc des générations, a variety show on ICI Radio-Canada Télé. This hot new program features some 30 celebrities (singers, actors, comedians, TV hosts) who drop by our studio to celebrate music and serve up some great entertainment for our viewers. Our beloved celebrities compete on five teams divided by age group (twenties, thirties, forties, fifties and sixties). They deliver spectacular performances as they try to outshine their competitors and be crowned the "ultimate generation." The mood in the studio is electrifying with a full house each night, Gregory Charles at the piano, and performers who know how to dazzle a crowd. Don't miss this fabulous hour of television. Host : Gregory Charles Director: Jean-François Blais Producer: Isabelle Lemoine Produced by: Attraction Images​ September 19 to December 12 13 episodes *Subject to change without notice​​


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