• New


  • Comedy
  • 10 episodes X 30 minutes

Frédéric Pierre imagined this sparkling comedy that recounts the adventures of a Quebec family of Haitian origin. Lakay nou follows a couple caught between two generations. On one side, that of their three children, aged 10 to 20, born in Quebec and pure fruits of Quebec culture rather than that of their ancestors. And on the other, their parents, born in Haiti, attached to their roots and the more traditional expectations of their generation. They are omnipresent in their lives, especially Henri's parents, who live right next door. Now, at the dawn of their forties, Myrlande and Henriosent at last to chart their own course, seizing new opportunities as they arise. This personal and professional blossoming will not be without impact on their tightly-knit clan, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse, but always to make us laugh (with them).


Frédéric Pierre, Catherine Souffront, Fayolle Jean Sr, Mireille Métellus, YardlyKavanagh, Marcel Joseph, Stanley Exantus, Kiara Gaudin, Catherine-Audrey Volcy, RichardsonZéphir, Maxime de Cotret, Sam-Éloi Girard, François Chénier, Marc Fournier and Erich Preach.

Principal author

Frédéric Pierre


Catherine Souffront, Angelo Cadet and Marie-Hélène Lebeau-Taschereau


François Avard


Ricardo Trogi


Productions Jumelage


Winter 2024


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