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ÉRIC PERREAULT and JULIE PÉLOQUIN and their three kids live life in the fast lane. Slaves to their crazy schedules, they race between their jobs, the baby's daycare, the oldest's high school, and the middle one's kindergarten class. The polar opposite of back to basics, they've got it all – big house, two vehicles, the latest home computer, massive TV, Blu-ray, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, you name it! Éric's dad passes away in the first episode. His mother ESTELLE, learns in horror that her husband was up to his eyeballs in debt. They can't just abandon her, so the solution is to have Estelle move in for the time being with the Péloquin-Perreaults. At last, someone to babysit, clean house, and cook meals! Finally, they'll be able to breathe easy . . . But not for long! Starring: Catherine Trudeau, Steve Laplante, Thérèse Perreault. Writer: Daniel Thibault et Isabelle Pelletier Director: Louis Choquette Producer: Josée Vallée Produced by: Attraction Médias

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