Info, Sexe et Mensonges

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Info, sexe et mensonges24 episodes ICI ARTV: Friday 9 p.m.* | ICI Radio-Canada Télé : Saturday 10:30 p.m.* Host: Marc Labrèche Season 2 – Info, Sexe et Mensonges: Marc Labrèche comments on current affairs Serving up irony, opinions, humour and plenty of surprises, Marc Labrèche shares his characteristically irreverent take on the world with the studio audience. Each episode focuses on a specific topic, giving Marc Labrèche the opportunity to speak his mind about various social issues and current affairs. In his off-the-cuff comic monologues, the host lets his inspiration take him wherever it leads. Marc chooses whether to bring in surprise guests or perform his own variety numbers, alone or with other celebrities from the arts, sports, politics or wherever. With the only item on the set being a huge screen, Marc draws freely from TV shows, videos doing the rounds on the Web and all kinds of archival material to illustrate what he has to say. Nominated for a 2017 Zapette d'or award in the Biggest Laugh of the Year category. *Subject to change without notice.

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