• Comedy
  • 10 episodes x 30 minutes

A hilarious, cutting and timely social commentary on a comedian’s place in our current high-alert environment of political correctness and cancel culture, HUMOUR RESOURCES follows Jon Dore as a retired comedian turned Human Resources manager. Filmed during the COVID-19 outbreak while under quarantine, Jon, living with his girlfriend Christina and her six-year-old daughter Emma, meets with comedians via webcam from his home office to evaluate and consult on the appropriateness of their material and overall “workplace” behaviour.

Special guest stars include A-list comedians: Sarah Silverman; Tom Green; Eric Andre; Scott Thompson; Reggie Watts; Nikki Glaser; The Lucas Bros; Ronny Chieng; Dave Merheje; DeAnne Smith; Rory Scovel; Debra DiGiovanni; Sophie Buddle; Courtney Gilmour; Arthur Simeon; Casey Corbin; Aisha Brown; and Kyle Brownrigg. 

Created by

Jon Dore


Just for Laughs


Fall 2022


Tuesday, 11:30 PM


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