• Documentary

This winter a number of riveting titles are coming to documentary Channel - see below for their air dates and an idea of what to expect. This robust collection of thought-provoking and eye opening works will drive reflection and discussion.

The Fence (Dec 6): Two thousand Canadians suffered the longest incarceration anywhere in the Second World War, a bitter four-year period inside Japanese POW camps in Hong Kong and Japan.

Saving Lives at Sea Marathon (Dec 18): Ordinary men and women doing something extraordinary - giving up their free time to staff more than two hundred lifeboat stations right across Britain and provide a vital rescue service.

Museum Secrets Marathon (Dec 19): Come with us to the world's greatest museums to uncover secrets dark and strange all day.

All Day Royal Family Marathon (Dec 25): Spend the holiday with the Royal family as we showcase Royal Family Docs all day.

Paramedics Marathon (Dec 31): All-day and into New Year's Eve, this compelling series goes on the frontline with Australia's ambulance crews in a race against time to save lives.


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