• Factual
  • Season 1
  • 12 episodes X 60 minutes

This new variety show hosted by Pénélope McQuade promises to make you laugh by looking at, talking about and practising humour in all its forms.

Every week, we'll discover what makes two popular celebrities laugh when they are surprised with comedy numbers written just for them with the help of some very talented and refreshing contributors and special guests. Sketches, song parodies, exclusive stand-up routines, quirky feature segments, videos or zingy satires—they pull out all the stops to tickle the guests' funny bones!

Exclusive and original, these numbers prompt the guests to share anecdotes and amusing confessions, but also to talk about the role of laughter and a sense of humour in their lives. The numbers are also opportunities to reveal what makes us all laugh together and to revisit our rich comedy heritage with archival footage.

*Subject to change without notice


Pénélope McQuade


Sébastien Hurtubise (Zone 3)


Mathilde Boucher-McGraw


Fall 2019


Friday, 8 PM*


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