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  • 10 episodes X 60 minutes

Art – it might not change the world, but it can literally change lives!

The 10-part documentary series Faire oeuvre utile spotlights people who let art into their lives.

In each one-hour episode, veteran arts reporter Émilie Perreault presents two inspiring stories where art had the power to make a difference. She takes us with her into the field as she interviews two people whose lives have been transformed by their contact with a work of art. She also talks to the creators of each work to discuss what went into producing it and their artistic approach. Viewers then get to witness the emotional moment when the artist and the person moved by their art meet on camera. Faire œuvre utile is an engaging, accessible documentary series that shows to what extent culture is more than just a pastime – it also drives change.


Émilie Perreault


Winter 2024


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