• Factual
  • Season 13
  • 24 episodes X 60 minutes

EN DIRECT DE L'UNIVERS is back for a 13th season. This long-running music show proves time and time again that the team's imagination knows no bounds. Well-orchestrated surprises are rolled out each week and a long line of international artists have graced its stage over the years. This season, host France Beaudoin will welcome personalities from all walks of life, who will see the songs that have marked their lives performed by their favourite artists. Who will be the next guest to take this emotional and surprise-filled trip down musical memory lane?

Described by many as “much-watch Saturday night television”, EN DIRECT DE L'UNIVERS is notable for the showcase it provides for music and creators, as well as the authenticity it conveys through the magic of live performances. The EN DIRECT DE L'UNIVERS team has more compelling musical experiences in store for its “Fall Launch” special – a 90-minute episode airing on September 11 that will feature a number of on-air personalities from ICI RADIO-CANADA'S 2021–2022 schedule.


France Beaudoin




Fall 2021 - Winter 2022


Saturday 7 PM


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