• Magazine
  • Season 3
  • 8 episodes x 60 minutes

Culturama is a kind of cultural observation center, a friendly cyclorama of discovery. Accompanied by three acolytes from different artistic disciplines, Chantal Lamarre leads surprising conversations that reveal the most unsuspected facets of selected works from all disciplines, created by artists from here and abroad.

Each week, a new theme serves as a pretext for tackling culture from every angle. With her trademark humor and repartee, Chantal and her acolytes tackle a host of fascinating artistic subjects, inviting us to (re)discover classic and modern works, so that we can go to bed a little less dull and a lot more entertained! A panel of members of the general public, filmed at home, also react to the works, extending the scope of our Culturama!

Produced by

Zone 3


Fall 2023 - Winter 2024


Winter 2024


Sunday, 5 PM


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