• Comedy

CrawfordWednesday 9 p.m.* 13 x 30 minutes Created by: Mike Clattenburg (Trailer Park Boys, Black Jesus), and co-created by recording artist Mike O’Neill (Moving Day, Trailer Park Boys – Don’t Legalize It, TUNS, The Inbreds) Executive produced by: Laura Michalchyshyn (Trailer Park Boys, Chicagoland, The American West) Production: Rabbit Square Productions An original CBC Production with Comedy Central! What happens when you fail your Bachelor of Arts and your record label drops your Metal band on the same day? For 28-year-old Don, it means moving back home with your polyamorous parents and finding a job that comes easily. Don has always thought differently – “thinking sideways”, as his Mom puts it. Following intuition rather than logic is the unique approach that turns Don's compassion for and affinity for raccoons into a booming business - just as the town’s raccoon population explodes. *Subject to change without notice.​​​​​​​​​​


Fall 2021


Thursday, 12:30 AM


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