• Documentary
  • Season 2
  • 6 episodes x 30 minutes

Astrophotographer Stéphane Simard and filmmaker Jimmy Larouche are back for a new season of hunting down the most dazzling celestial phenomena out there.

As they roam through Quebec's most scenic landscapes, the two and their fascinating guests will highlight some of the most breathtaking astronomical objects in deep space: galaxies, black holes, the Milky Way, dark nebulae, the Northern Lights, the Perseids and even a superb solar eclipse. But wait! This year serves up some major challenges. Some targets turn out to be extremely complex to capture — to the point where even the intrepid Stéphane won't dare!

Upcoming episodes will take us to the dark side of the universe in Saguenay, the constellations of the Zodiac in the Eastern Townships, stargazing and the Perseids in and around Montreal, and sextant navigation and the Summer Triangle in Charlevoix.


Stéphane Simard


Winter 2022


Wednesday 9:30 PM


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